My name is Jascha Burmeister, I am 26 years old and from Germany. I have been interested in web-development, web-design, application development and general IT-development since I have been a child. I started my Bachelor of Science, majoring in software engineering last year.

Aside from my high-school graduation and an apprenticeship as web-developer with an outstanding examination result, I have successfully created the automation software “Hearthcrawler & Warcrawler“ together with my two business partners Sven Scharmentke and Philipp Brzosa, which contains around 125,000 lines of code. We sold this self-created automation software between 2013 and 2014. It was necessary, beside from complex coding techniques, to obtain a deeper knowledge and understanding of marketing strategies and programs like: Google Analytics, Google AdWords and Search-Engine Optimization (SEO), that I already got from my apprenticeship.

Our team discontinued this project after some unpredictable circumstances, but we have already started a new project. Accordingly working collaboratively together in a group has always been a priority for my team and I.

In 2015, I have been in Australia and worked as lead developer for two companies.

I created numerous websites and applications for the business and personal usage using a variety of languages and programs before and during the leadership of our company.

While doing, so I have been studying several computer languages, techniques, frameworks, content-management systems and programs during my eight years of experience, including my apprenticeship, professional experience and my variety of self-initiated projects.

A brief compendium of my skills at this current point in time:

Java, C, PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS

MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB

Frameworks, Scripts & CMS:
NodeJS, ReactJS, AdonisJS, SailsJS, Bootstrap, AJAX, jQuery, Laravel, WordPress

Limited but not insignificant used languages:
C#, C++, AutoIT, Lua