Free Facebook on Lufthansa flights

On my last trip from Germany to Bangkok I discovered how to use Facebook for free in the airplane. My girlfriend took another flight via Istanbul and did stuck over there when the airport got attacked. I sat in the airplane and tried to book the internet package through Paypal to stay in contact with her. But as always in situations like this the payment process through Paypal did not work. It gave me an error (sth. like “can not process your payment. Please contact the support.”) and I started to play around with my phone.

On the default Lufthansa website in the airplane I saw the feature of sharing a post on Facebook (“hey I am on a Lufthansa flight” or whatever). As web developer it made me start thinking… There should be some addresses whitelisted to use the share feature of Facebook. Otherwise it would not work. So I pressed the button to share but actually did not complete the process of sharing on Facebook. Obviously the Facebook App does not work. But works. It is not loading pictures but you can text with friends and browsing timeline.